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For one thing, I am not a typical sag, although I do have some of the traits. I tried to apologize in between rants or when she stopped for breath, but it was too late. The Sag and I were very excited about our baby and building a life together.

Bottom line is that this match takes communication to work and without it, well, just move on. He transferred jobs and moved to my state to be with us.

To make a long story short, she is indeed stuck in tradition and still on and off with the man she is so secretive of. She's going to kick my ass in the middle of everyone and I can't do anything about it, because I'm a man and she is a woman.' I was wrong. She unzipped my pants and to cut a long story short, we had sex on the hood of her car, in front of my apartment. I don't suppose there are any girls that sexually exciting but without the mood swings are there? We can be a rollercoaster, my husband frequently asks me to slow down. It is a little difficult keeping up with most of it, but well-worth the ride for those of us not actually certifiably insane.;) I'm a Cancer woman and I am completely in love with a Sag guy.

She is afraid to make new memories and seems certain that I am a player of sorts which she cannot trust. She wasn't exactly the quiet type and people were looking out of windows to see what the ruckus was. So it started like this: I was engaged to a Taurus about three years ago.

After telling her I would be meeting a new friend, she became jealous in a big way and seemed deeply hurt by it. The next girl was much more even keeled, but the sex was boring, which I was actually OK with.

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She wanted to try a new restaurant we had heard about, but didn't know exactly where it was (this was before everyone had GPS on their cell phones). He legitimated our son (now 2 years old) and now they have a very close bond. He was devastated and called me despite my relationship. But they have an arrangement that he will take care of his child.

I felt like I could connect with her know her every thought as clearly as mine and we flirted for half a night. this is an emotionally crazy ride, I cant keep from jumping off of! I am a Sagittarius guy who has been dating this Cancerian women for 13 years. They will push you towards your dreams and support you in every aspect they can.

I was taken by surprise not really expecting this since I knew beforehand that we like each other but nothing more. he has the worst sign in the zodiac for faithfulness. You need to know one thing NEVER, EVER say anything against her MOM.

For 3 months I've been trying to analyze what he said and it gave me a different perspective on love. And I am so desperate to talk to him about everything that I learned! it has been 8 years since we were together but everything is still the same I love him more and our sex life is so divine its unbearable.

I've been reading a lot of books lately too; about understanding men, true love, marriage, Sagittarius traits, etc. I am willing to give him a clean slate and start all over again---I want to be friends with him again and prove myself that I am still worthy of his love. I feel in love with her after working together for a few years and one night the sparks really started flying, and it wasn't the fire! They take a long time to come out of the shell and you have to be very careful and patient with them. They will care for you and be there in the best and the worst time of your life.

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